Health Happy Family
Healthy Happy Family

What do you have if you do not have your health?  
How about your Family’s Health?  Maintaining or Regaining your health can be overwhelming.  

What about Tools for the Family?  Finding the time in the day to prioritize Family & Work can seem like a full-time job.

What tools can make your Life & or Profession more productive?

I am forever sharing Home Remedies, Business Tools, and Ideas.  



Welcome to My Passion 

Have you ever felt like you had so much more to give?  But, limited hours in a day?   

That’s where I am so instead of talking about it; I will share my thoughts and ideas to those of you who have a desire to learn, grow and work at being better and seeing the sunshine daily.

As I wrote out all of the things I wanted to do in a lifetime I realized I would need to be here a while, so since the chances of that happening are slim, I will just give ideas away to deserving people. 

When I was a young girl, I worked with women who lived in Europe during WWII. There I learned a phrase I have never forgotten.  Don’t “should” all over yourself. Don’t grow older and say “I should have” done this or that, make a real plan to do the things you want to do so you are not sitting around in old age should all over yourself.

 It is Impossible to Labor & Not Profit

 Years ago I learned you cannot bring religious verses into the workplace, I changed the verse, most of you will recognize. I take this from my life experience; I grew because I refused to stop laboring.

In All Labor there is Profit

The greatest joy in my life has been my children. You can learn a lot from children when you listen. My kids were always telling me to listen to them; they have taught me so much. A portion of this site is dedicated to mothers and fathers and the tools needed and resources for parenting.

A lot of times, in life, we hear someone say a phrase that is so valuable, like – “To help the children we must first help the mother.”

In this site, I will change that phrase a bit too “To help the children, we must help the parent.”

Today, I have very successful “adult” children.  I’d love to tell you it was because of me, in reality, it was because of a lot of people who were a part of the village and the understanding of my children that in all labor there is indeed profit.