In 1995 while searching how to use the internet to connect Physicians with Medical Software, I kept saying to my husband….there is a business here and my husband kept telling me, it is about information.

And so began my journey in the world of the Internet.  I knew early on it was really about internet marketing management.  And to this day it is still about connecting, communicating and managing.

Beginning in the 1990’s my daily enjoyment was Website development and Search Engine Optimization.  But, as I watched clients make a lot of money with the connections they were making online, due to strategy and SEO…I realized I needed to sell something.

I had online stores selling many different kinds of products and services, but the phone rang most often for one product in particular, tankless water heaters.  A Niche product line.

I focused on selling gas and electric tankless water heaters and boilers all over the country.  It was truly exciting educating people about tankless water heaters and boilers and the different ways that they can be used in the home and in business.

There are so many different types of businesses that you can create, but what if you created your dream business?  What would it be?

Indulge a little, open a blank doc file or take pen and a blank piece of paper and start writing about who you are and the journey you dream of…….and share.